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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Teddy Bears are just as Iconic as American Pie

We have come to the conclusion that owning a teddy bear is just as iconic as owing a piece of the American Pie.  Almost every adult can recall having a teddy bear as a child.  In every movie we watch we see an image of a teddy bear or some kid loving on a teddy bear.  

There's nothing like cuddling with sweet teddy.  Teddy bears are our secret protectors. Their top priority is to make you feel safe.  How many movies or sitcoms can you recall a Teddy Bear making a cameo appearance.  There are several that we can recall.  Movies or sitcoms that you would never expect to see a teddy bear. 

Starting tomorrow, for the next 30 days we will post a clip or scene from a movie or sitcom that features a teddy bear.  Tell us if you have watched that particular movie or sitcom and if you ever even noticed that a Teddy Bear was in the movie.  

See ya tomorrow for a movie clip post. 

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