Monday, December 13, 2010

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Christmas Bear Getting Smaller

Every year the department store and other retail establishments roll out a holiday teddy bear. If you happen to have a collection, just take a minute to look at the older bears in your collection.  The bears of the past seem to be a bit larger than the holiday bears of today.  Have you notice this change? 

2004 Kmart Teddy & 1999 Walmart Snowflake Teddy

The 2004 Kmart Teddy  and 1999 Snowflake Teddy are packing their bags and getting ready to move into a new home. They are very gratetul to have a new home for the holiday.

1991 Kmart Bear

We have placed another 1991 Kmart Bear in a loving new home for the holidays. If you are looking for this particular bear to complete your collection,  email us and we will be a happy to locate one for you.

Vintage Gund Musical Elephant

Just in time for the holidays, this vintage  Gund pink musical elephant  is on its way to a new home.


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