Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This Little Bear Loves You!

Did you know this Russ bear loves you? Because his little red shirts says so.


  1. Hi There

    I had a bear just like his when I was a child. When my parents broke up my father took him. I have not seen my bear or father for over 15years. Do you still have this bear or know his whereabouts? I very much look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Hello Matt,

    Thank you for taking the time to visit our blog and share your story. We understand how important most teddy bears are to their owners. We have no record of this particular bear being adopted; however we have searched and searched our resident hall and was unable to locate him. It may have been adopted and not noted. Nevertheless, we can place you on the wait list for the next one that arrives and notify you via email asap. This bear is vintage and hard to come by, and we never know what is going to arrive daily, so continue to keep your fingers cross and hopefully we will get another one very soon!

    The Teddy Bear Shelter

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  3. I have this same bear! My grandmother gave it to me when I was born 31 years ago! he has a little damage on his nose, and I've always wanted to find another one so I can tell what it's supposed to look like. Would be amazing to find another one!

    1. Hello Robert. We have searched our stock room high and low and unfortunately we are unable to locate him. He shows up in our inventory as available. But he's now MIA. If another one arrives, we will let you know.

      Thanks for visiting our blog and contacting us.

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  5. I received this bear when I was born in 1985 and still have him although he now wears a blue knitted jumper to hold him together.


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