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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gund Yellow Plush Duck - Fluffy Sunshine

UPDATE: Fluffy Sunshine is no longer available.  Bags packed and on its way to a new home.  11-19-12

This little vintage Gund duck is so adorable.


  1. is this for sale? or is it just a picture of one? i've been looking for one and i can't find it

    1. Yes Fluffy is available. Hate to see him go, he is so adorable. We will post an adoption link for you.

    2. Actually, it may be better for you to email us, so we can send the link directly to you. If we place the link here, someone may come along before you and get it. We don't won't that to happen since you have been searching for it.
      Email: or
      Subject Line:Gund Fluffy Sunshine