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Saturday, August 18, 2012


UPDATE:  This lucky little bear has been adopted and is on his way to a new home in Australia. 11/2/12

Look who decided to hang out at the shelter with us.  The rare and hard to find 1984 Applause Little Beggar Bear.


  1. Hi! Is this bear up for adoption?? I have been desperately looking for one..

  2. I live in Rome Georgia and my friend lives in California and she told me she had one as a child and it got stolen when she was bounced from Forster homes to Forster home then she was molested and ran away to live on the streets at the age of twelve until today she had a ruff life and I would so love to give her some of her child hood back

    1. Hello,

      We do not have a Begger bear available at this time. However there are several listed on

      Just type in the search bar Applause Little Begger Bear.

      Will will post on our page when one becomes available. Thank you for posting on our blog.

  3. Mine was stolen 11 yrs ago, I was devastated. I got it when I was just 2 years old. I had no inkling to look on the internet until now :) Glad to see it is a beloved bear to many!