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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Vintage Walmart Snowflake Teddy from the 80's

UPDATE: Adopted 3/11/13

Not sure of the year on this one, but we think it is from the late 80's. It has the snowflake stamp on the nose which lets us know that it is a snowflake teddy.


  1. Yes, he is still available. We will add a link for adoption. His shirt is a little dusty, needs a toss in wash. Other than that, he is is in good condition for age. Just not sure about the year. We do know that the dated foots didn't begin until 1990. We contacted DanDee and Walmart but have yet to receive an answer to when they orignally began making these bears.

  2. Great! Thank you! :) please contact me if you get any more older ones from the 80s. Do you know if the first ones had pairs? Or when they started pairing them. So if they have a snowflake on nose then they are snowflake teddy?

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  4. Not sure when they started pairing the bears. Have yet to find an older paired set. We have been searching a while for information on the older ones. If anymore come in we will post them here and on our facebook page.

    The majority of the snowflake teddys have the snowflake on the noise; however we have a 2001 bear that does not have a snowflake on the noise. It only has snowflake teddy on tush tag.

    Search 2001 snowflake teddy for photo.

  5. I've been searching for this bear for my little brother who had heart surgery as a child in the 80's and was given this bear at the children's hospital. It was his most loved toy, which he named snowflake. I've not been able to find one anywhere, is there anymore available or anywhere else that might have one? This is really important to me!

    1. Hello DC. Thank you for taking the time to write us. This particular is so hard to find. As soon as one becomes available it is adopted immediately. We will add you to our wait list and as soon as we locate another one we will let you know.

      The one in the photo was found at an local antique mall. We search high and low for replacement bears.