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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Russ Berrie Bandit Puppy Dog Luv Pet Plush Stuffed Animal 5" St. Bernard Mini

Update: Adopted


  1. If anyone finds another one of these, please let me know. My son had one when he was a kid and is loking for a replacement.

    1. We will definitely post when another one becomes available.

  2. Omggg This was my childhood toy and I was obsessed with it. Now that I’ve grown up, I tried to search for it but I can’t find it and my parents must’ve thrown it away. It hurts when your childhood toy disappeared and it brings back the memories when I first receive this toy when I was 6 and I would bring it everywhere I go. I tried finding it online for a replacement but none of them are fore sale . I hope I can find one.